Ramirez Hnos / Inter-tir desde 1905

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TyN Ramirez Hnos / Inter-tir

    Ramirez hnos / inter-tir

    All you need to know about us

    What do we do?

    We transport goods for our clients worldwide. We do it by road, sea and air. We are where our customers need us, providing services for export, import, Customs, cross trade, warehousing, bonded warehousing, etc.

    Who are we?

    In 1905 we started our activity as agents of maritime traffic and Customs Agency. In the 50s and as a result of technological advances, the activities of road, sea and air freight increased. Today, we cover all the foreign trade services and we are at the service of economic operators, all current media and all with the same spirit of those who preceded us ...

    Why TYN Ramirez Hnos SA / Inter Tir SL?

    We offer value-added service with the assistance of more than 300 partners around the world. Our goal is to give a global full service coverage to our customers, both export and import, being an important part of their value chain.